About Us

Blue Collar Canada is an apparel company that was created to support Canadian trades workers. It is a clothing brand that our hardworking Canadian tradesmen and women can be proud to support. In return we support them.      

Our mission at Blue Collar Canada is split into two goals. Our first is to giveback to our current tradesmen and women in a way that is unique. Mental health has become a critical issue, especially after the last couple of years. Many blue collar workers have bravely spoken out about their mental health struggles and others about past or current substance or alcohol addiction issues. Blue Collar Apparel Canada is pledging to donate 5% of all profit towards a mental health, addictions and substance abuse charity.

    Our second goal is to inspire, encourage and support the new generation of students looking towards skilled trades as a career. In a time where technology can be leveraged to make a living, we find that skilled trades positions are not being filled as often as they once were. If this issue continues, we will lose an unfathomable amount of experience and knowledge as there are fewer and fewer people to pass this onto. 

We want to do our part to help bring students to the trades. Our objective is to highlight our blue collar community by bringing them into a common spotlight for all to see- through our brand. We want to support students who want to join the trades. We can do this in many ways, one of which is to donate towards an accredited program to help students get into a skilled trades program (apprenticeship). Blue Collar Apparel Canada is pledging to donate an additional 5% of all profits towards this cause.