Become a Brand Rep

Want to become a rep? Here's the perks...

-Receive products at a special brand rep pricing

-Earn up to 10% commission in store credit on sales 

-Your own personalized discount code for you to share 

-Become a feature on our social media pages and webpage 

-Provide input on future products 

-Rep a bad ass Canadian Made brand

What do I need to do as a Brand Rep? 

- Check out our About Us page. 

- Create content at your convenience. 

- Share our content whenever you can. 

- Have fun with it! We know everyone is busy. 

If this interests you apply below. 


Do I have to pay for my merch? 

Yes, all brand reps are required to pay for their merch, however the merch you purchase is discounted between 20-50% off. 

Do I earn a commission if my rep code is used? 

Yes! All reps are compensated in the form of OVERTIME rewards that they can use towards earning FREE merch. 

What percentage is the commission?

At the moment reps earn an average of 10% when their code is used, which is added to their OT rewards account. 

Do I have to own merch to be a rep? 


Can I rep other brands while being a rep for Blue Collar Canada? 

Yes. Although we prefer you to choose Canadian. ;) 



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